2020 ––
Printed Matter & Poster Design  

Pen Parentis

In 2020, I worked closely with Pen Parentis founder Milda De Voe in creating a series of digital posters. This federally recognized literary non-profit organization was forced to move all of its monthly events to a digital landscape due to the nature of the coronavirus pandemic. To accomodate members during those difficult circumstances, De Voe set up online gatherings, as well as a writing fellowships for parent writers. 

The end result was two posters, one for the online gathering with developmental social psychologist Dr. Michelle Tichy, and the other for the Pen Parentis Writing Fellowship. 

The posters used a bright color palette and slab serif typography on a dark background to highlight the key elements of both events.

2020 ––
Printed Matter & Poster Design 

Ogilvy Health Internal Communications

In 2020, I was tasked with creating posters for the internal organizations offered at Ogilvy Health’s Parsippany office. The project entailed working closely with the leaders of the organizations, as well as with various members of the art department to create a radiant, cohesive visual language to tie all of the diverse, dynamic groups offered at the company. 

The final result was a set of four 20x24 posters that followed a strong grid system, a seamless color palette, and bold, prominent typography to communicate each organization’s goals clearly and effectively. 

2019 ––
Printed Matter 

OFED International

The Organization for Women and Development International (OFED International) is a Maryland based non-profit organization that empowers women and their children to obtain economic freedom, by providing all the tools and education they need to be successful.

Back in 2019, I was tasked with designing a case study the organization did on the assessment of of the kindergarten education curriculum in the Republic of Togo.