Graphic Design, Art Direction, Visual Communication


2020 ––
Printed Matter, Poster Design  

Pen Parentis

Rutgers Newark’s BFA Graphic Design students present I Stood At the Border: Im/Migrant Voices & Stories Retold, an exhibition which examines conversations surrounding im/migration. Inspired by American Novelist, Toni Morrison's statement "I stood at the border, stood at the edge and claimed it my central," participating designers have developed individual statements addressing issues of im/migration and belonging. Through a research-driven process, each designer's goal will demonstrate innovative problem-solving solutions that visually address wide-ranging topics of migrant narratives.

2020 ––
Printed Matter & Poster Design 

Ogilvy Health Internal Communications

In 2020, I was tasked with creating posters for the internal organizations offered at Ogilvy Health’s Parsippany office. The project entailed working closely with the leaders of the organizations, as well as with various members of the art department to create a beautiful, cohesive visual language to tie all of the diverse, dynamic groups together. 

The final result was a set of four 20x24 posters that followed a strong grid system, a radiant color palette, and bold typography to communicate each organization’s goals clearly and effectively.